New TAI CHI class on the Upper West Side

January 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thursdays 8-9, 251 West 100th St. (corner of West End Ave.), home of Long River Tai Chi, and of course the Ansche Chesed synagogue in whose basement ballroom the class is held.  The demo class happened already (Jan. 13 – my dad’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Daddy!) but the class really gets going this Thursday, Jan. 20.  It goes for about a year, and you learn the whole form.  And it’s very affordable.

Taught by Lenny Friedland, who I think is summed up nicely here at his 60th birthday party, and who is probably the only person in the world who I think is as funny and as cute as my dad!  And I think the overall fun-loving nature of the Long River NYC community is nicely summed up here:

In short and in conclusion, take this class!  It’s awesome!

Yey! New toy!

May 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

My awesome husband got me a new camera as an early anniversary present (coming up on 10 years!)  I’m really excited about it because I’ve been wanting to take more/better pictures.  It’s a Canon SX210 IS.  Dan had sent me a bunch of stuff to read on how to choose a new camera, but I couldn’t understand a single word.  I’m going with more of a zen approach to photos than actually knowing anything about photography technologically.  So yesterday was its first test spin out in the open air.  I was riding my bike home from work and I saw this dude in Battery Park:


Ok, I haven’t quite mastered the camera yet, but I think for a first daylight photo sequence, I’m pretty happy!  My 2 requests to Dan were a good zoom and takes good action shots.  This was a zoom/action shot combo!  I’ve passed my previous camera on to Dan, whose previous camera is suffering some sort of break-down.  I’m also happy because I’m usually the recipient in our family of the hand-me-down technology.  But this time I get something first!  Yey me!

Ok, it’s the first half of the month, and I’m buckling down on invoices.  But I’m ducking out early on this gloriously warm and sunny day to indulge my hypochondria with a physical a la Dr. N.  I get to pay a whole gob of money to bitch about my allergies, heartburn, and scoliosis!  I’m excited!  A captive audience, who may even actually be interested in my many supposed-ailments.  And hopefully I’ll walk away with some potent allery meds.  I’ve been telling everyone who sneezes, wheezes, or whines about allergies (which includes the majority of the library staff!) to read this op ed from the NYT.  Puts a whole new perspective on it.  Stupid trees!  (Just kidding, trees.  I love you guys, really, don’t go all LOTR on me.) 

So here’s my exercise tally for the week thus far: Monday, nothing; Tuesday jogging with my friend J; Wednesday, bike ride to and from work.  Tonight’s tai chi.  Sensei Lenny said I could start coming to the Saturday practice in the park.  I’ve gone twice now.  It’s lovely.  Even though I don’t know the whole form yet.  But he told me to wing it, so that’s nice too.  Weather has been spectacular and there’s petals all over the ground and it all feels very Eastern.  Hopefully that will help my chi!  Sensei (who probably hates the idea of being called Sensei!) is always smoothing out my fingers.  I think my fingers are all kinked up at the knuckles and they’re stoppering up my chi.

Ok, nanu nanu, Bloggy, talk to you later.

New tai chi class starting on the UWS

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m really enjoying my tai chi class at Long River Tai Chi on 100th St.  Unfortunately you don’t get to punch anyone, but on the upside, no one tries to punch you either.  The instructor seems really knowledgeable and well-read.  And it’s probably the most affordable martial arts class in NYC ($75 per month.)  For the first few months you can only take 1 class per week, but later on in the year you can take more, all for the the low, low price of $75 per month.  I went and took a class at William CC Chen, which everyone says is supposed to be like the premier tai chi school in NY, and they were like $300-something a month.  And everyone spoke in a whisper.  I couldn’t hear a damn thing.  However, they supposedly teach tai chi as a fighting art rather than sort of a moving mediation.  Long River is self-advowedly more on the moving meditation side of things than on the fighting side of things.  I also took a class at Chu Tai Chi.  They were a little more affordable.  I liked them.  But their classes all started way too early.  Who can be anywhere by 5:30 on a weekday?  Overall, I’m satisfied with my choice of Long River.  I really like the instructor, Lenny.  If we have to move away from the UWS, then maybe I will re-think my plan and try one of the other schools again.  For now, it ‘s good for my aching back not to be doing anything more martial.  And it’s not exactly a work-out, but it sure makes my thighs hurt, so I guess it’s doing something.

So, there’s a new class starting on April 15.  First class is a demo and it’s free.  After that it’s $75 per month.  The beginner program is a year long, but you pay by the month.  It’s on 100th and West End.  The people are really nice.  Class is on Thursdays at 7:00.  You should try it!

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