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January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Words & Phrases* the media should really stop using:

  1. “Speaking out” – as in, “So-and-so is speaking out about her ordeal.”
  2. “Slam” – as in, “Celebrity A slams Celebrity B for her comments about Celebrity A’s new movie.”
  3. “Who’s to blame” – as in, “Neighbors/the community/lawmakers/fill-in-the-blank want to know who’s to blame.” 

If we can learn to avoid these trite and annoying pitfalls, I think we will be a better society, better citizens, and better human beings.

In other news, I think that in 2010, by using those shiny metal spoons from the cafeteria to eat my oatmeal in the morning, I prevented approximately 225 plastic spoons from going into a landfill.  So I think I’ve already achieved better human being status right there.  However, it didn’t stop Them from manufacturing those 225 spoons, which still exist in real space, and which will eventually go into a landfill anyhow, so I don’t think my little action is a net gain for the world’s morality or a net loss for the world’s trash pile.  Also, it probably required energy, soap, etc., to wash the 225 shiny metal spoons.  Not sure how to tally that up.  However, if I managed to keep another human being employed as a dishwasher washing said 225 spoons, then maybe I’ve counteracted any other losses contracted.  I wish there was a better system for measuring this.  I wish we could assign units of recycling, or at least Brownie points or gold stars.  Like calories.  (They’re not really real, but we treat them as if they are.)  With my new patented Von Behren Recycling and/or Morality Brownie Point System (the VBRAOMBP system),we could have a metric, a rubrick if you will, for knowing whether or not we’re goin’ down the tubes as a people, or if we’re gonna be able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps!  I’m going to award myself 5 gold brownie point stars for the whole spoon thing.

*Law librarian term of art!

Earth: 1; Humans: 1

July 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

It’s confusing when you see the following stories side by side:

A downside to the recovering ozone layer

Couple funds wedding with recycled cans

Like, it’s hard to keep score, you know?  

Actually I think it might be Earth: 2; Humans: Zip, depending on Earth’s goal.  If Earth’s goal is to eradicate its annoying infestation of humans, it might be winning.

I personally have kicked my anti-plastic plan into high gear after reading this

I found that it’s not so easy though.  Like, the other day, I was shopping at the Health Nut store up on 98th (the health food store on 96th went out of business – again!  What gives?)  Health Nut sells this tasty organic yogurt from a local dairy.  But it’s in a plastic container.  Am I going to have to give up yogurt?  Plastic is so ubiquitous.  And when you’re out and about in NYC, it’s almost impossible to avoid it unless you bring an entire picnic basket of tupperware and stainless steel bottles with you everywhere you go.  Many of the the ideas suggested by Fake Plastic Fish aren’t really feasible for a working person who doesn’t live in the suburbs or the country.  Like, seriously, who has time to make their own shampoo?  Or the ability to compost in their NYC apartment?  Maty our new cleaning lady is quite possible an angel and a saint, but I’m sure she would balk at my suggestion to stop buying cleaning supplies in plastic bottles, and make our own instead out of baking soda and vinegar.  (Separately, not mixed together, I mean.  I think that might cause an explosion.)  I’ll just have to try my best to avoid “disposable” plastic, and live with the guilt when I can’t. 

I was cheered by the Electrolux news, though.  I wish more companies and organizations would get on board.  When I start thinking about how impossible it will be to stop the plastic avalanche, I start feeling dismal about our hopes.  Maybe eventually it will entirely cover the earth, and we’ll just have to live on top of a giant shifting pile of plastic bits.  There’s a nice apocalyptic image for you!

Does anyone know how I can get involved in a political effort against plastic like the one in Cambridge?  I know, everyone will say, “Why don’t you start your own?”  That seems counter-productive.  I want to lend a hand to a large organization or movement that has a chance of succeeding through sheer numbers, not expend a lot of energy being a one-woman-force.

Anyways, there’s my rant for today.  What do you think of True Blood lately?  Honestly, I think it might have crossed a line of creepy last week with Bill twisting Lorena’s neck around.  Ew.  Like, I know she’s an evil immortal vampire and all, but there was a real nasty rape element to that scene that completely creeped me out.  I may have to bail on the show.  Will watch one more episode before deciding.

You’re probably wondering how my knitting is coming along.  Forgot to mention that in California I made like 3 more squares.  Complicated lace ones too.  Turned out good, will get some photos up soon.  I also started a new something for a someone who deserves a gift.  Can’t elaborate in case this someone is reading.  I want this someone to be surprised.

I’ve been trying to draw more too.  Will definitely not be posting pictures, because I pretty much suck, but when I practice more I suck less.  I’ve been drawing my own foot a lot for lack of other models.  I think next I’m going to try drawing some comic book dudes.  I took a shot at Wonder Woman the other day (not literally, she would have blocked it with those fancy bracelets), which was really coincidental because the NEXT day they came out with her new look.  Weird, right?  Ok, nanu nanu, I’m heading to Jersey for some holiday fun.  Wish me luck with the public transportation.

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