Vintrowear World Headquarters renovations update

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Report: it’s coming along!

Front office of Vintrowear World Headquarters

Front office of Vintrowear World Headquarters

Front office of Vintrowear World Headquarters

Just in time for inventory to arrive!

Ceremonious arrival of the Vintrowear inventory

Right before the big move, we caught Nada Surf at Bowery Ballroom on January 24th.

Ira Elliot, Nada Surf, Bowery Ballroom January 24

Matthew Caws, Nada Surf, Bowery Ballroom January 24

Daniel Lorca, Nada Surf, Bowery Ballroom January 24

Nada Surf, Bowery Ballroom January 24

And we got to see the world-famous Andy York play with Marshall Crenshaw, opened by Garland Jeffries:

Andy York with Marshall Crenshaw at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, February 4, 2012

Andy York with Marshall Crenshaw at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, February 4, 2012

Andy York with Marshall Crenshaw at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, February 4, 2012

And of course the Vintrowear vintage cowboy shirts are selling like hotcakes, so everyone is happy.  You can find us on Etsy and at  See you in the funny papers.

Vintrowear Does NYC!

June 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

The hardworking staff at Vintrowear has not been idle.  We’ve been out there working tirelessly on your behalf, slaving away as keen observers of the New York City music and cultural scene, making sure that no trend goes undocumented.  Photographic evidence follows:

Fuerza Bruta at the Daryl Roth Theater on 6/19/11:

Swords on display, at the Long River School of Tai Chi on 6/14/11:

Mark Rozzo of Bambi Kino, sporting his Vintrowear button before the Big Apple BBQ on 6/11/11:

(You can get your Vintrowear button free with the purchase of any shirt at!)

Bambi Kino on stage at the Big Apple BBQ:

Lianne Smith with the Golden Palominos at The Living Room on 6/7/11 (please note Kevn Kinney’s western shirt):

I found some additional great photos of that show on the blog “Now I’ve Heard Everything.”  I really like Lianne’s music.  I met her for the first time a few years ago through Matthew Caws, and I think she has a great voice and a really cool style.  She can totally rock out, but she’s not too loud, which I like, because I’m old.  I also got to see her sing at Loser’s Lounge earlier this month.  I can’t remember what song it was – there was this random google doc set list floating around the internet the other day, but I can’t seem to find it now.

We were so very fortunate to get to see Paul Simon at Webster Hall on 6/6/11:

Dan took this photo because I couldn’t see a darn thing.  I think from that photo I can tell that someone on stage is wearing a western shirt!

I believe it’s Mark Stewart, based on some reading I did at the CT Concert Blog, who really got some great shots of the shirt.  It’s got a goldish-reddish floral yoke, with what looks like whip-stitching:

And I just realized the curly-haired guy in the background has on a black and white embroidered western as well.  Nice.  Not sure who he is.  Close-up reveals the shirt also has orange flowers!  Double nice!

According to Kronosphere, the band consists of:

Mark Stewart (lead guitar, backing vocals, baritone saxophone, and sometimes band leader), Vincent Nguini [aka the Enigma from Cameroon] (guitar), Bakithi Kumalo (bass, percussion), Tony Cedras (keyboards, trumpet, accordion), Jamey Haddad (timbales, percussion), Andrew Snitzer (soprano and tenor saxophones, keyboards), Mick Rossi (piano), and Jim Oblon (drums, percussion).

After scrutinizing photos of various musicians on the internet, I’m still not sure who it is, but I’m leaning towards Jim Oblon.  Anyone know?

Continuing on our reverse Time’s Arrow trajectory, here’s Mr. Vintrowear with Ko Melina of the Dirtbombs outside of the Bell House on 6/4/11.  She was so cool and friendly!  After watching her rock out on the bass so intensely for 2 hours, I thought for sure she’d be formidable, but she was super-nice.  I should have given her a Vintrowear button!  I had a perfect opportunity, but I got shy and star-struck, and it was all I could do to snap off the picture.  She’s so bad-ass that I developed a little crush.

Here’s Rick Ocasek at The Cars show at Roseland Ballroom on 5/25/11:

And Emmylou Harris on 4/26/11 at Bowery Ballroom:

Showing stamina that is unusual for me, earlier on 4/26 we also got to see the filming of The Daily Show!

We attended with a couple of Dan’s friends, one of whom, J, has the distinction of being as big a Nada Surf fan as Dan is.   J’s girlfriend B has her own successful jewelry store on Etsy called Porter Gulch Jewelry Designs, and is an example to me that it’s entirely possible to moonlight as a successful small businesswoman.

Tune in next time for … VINTROWEAR DOES NYC!

People who like cowboy shirts and also Barney Greengrass

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Here is the first in an installment of photographs of people who drop by our place for brunch, who then kindly offer to pose in Vintrowear western shirts.

Matthew Caws, classing up the Vintrowear Operations Center, models one of the early embroidered samples.  A perfect example of one of our “fancy westerns.”

Ira Elliot, looking handsome in a Vintrowear Sheplers in light blue, waits patiently for bagels and lox to be served.

Mark Rozzo, in black, and his trusty sidekick a vision in pink, are an attractive counterpoint to the Keith Haring Room, aka the Vintrowear Dining Room, aka the Von Behren kitchen.

Coincidentally, Mark also went with a light blue Sheplers as his ultimate choice.  Great minds think alike.

A huge thank you to Matthew, Ira, and Mark, for their kind willingness to allow me to use their images as a shameless plug for Vintrowear’s western shirts, soon to be available for sale from

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