Photographer Scott Baxter celebrates “100 Years 100 Ranchers”

August 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

An exhibit by this Phoenix photographer documents 100 families who have been ranching in Arizona since at least 1912.  Says The Arizona Republic,

“Each photograph features a rancher whose family has been working the land since statehood or longer.  They are there in Baxter’s pictures, their weathered faces reflecting long lives of hard work on the land.  They are there in sweat-stained cowboy hats, snap-button work shirts and Wranglers cinched with fist-sized belt buckles.”

Case in point this grizzled statesman in a weather-beaten Wrangler pearl snap, with the trademark W stitching on flap pockets, only its well-worn collar points betraying its age and status as a rancher’s work-horse wardrobe staple.

100 Years 100 Ranchers

Watch an interview with Scott Baxter:

The exhibit is definitely worth a look, for fans of Arizona, ranchers, and cowboy shirts alike.  A donation to the project is tax deductible.  This exhibit is a moving preservation of the Old West way of life that still perseveres.

Vintage Wrangler snap-button work shirts from


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