It’s “High Noon” on the Internet

August 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I came across this neat site today: High Noon.

High Noon is the world’s most powerful window to the art, the crafts and cultural legacy of the Native American Indian, the Cowboy, the Vaquero and the Old American West.

They feature western antique shows and auctions, provide appraisals and consultations on americana and western realia collections, offer a bookstore of western history coffee table books and guides, and publish a newsletter called Smoke Signals.

Smoke Signals encompasses a wide range of topics including profiles of historical figures and customs, practical guides for modern day cowboys and cowgirls, and discussions about the art and artists of the Old (and New) West.

It’s also got recipes (“The Feedbag”!) and a special section on “women artisans working in the traditionally male world of the Western Lifestyle” called “Our Inner Cowgirl.”

And the photography is beautiful:

Smoke Signals Photography

Photo by Myron Beck, courtesy of Smoke Signals

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