This week in cowboy shirt news

August 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Big Tex gets all dressed up – Dallas Morning News – Western wear writ large.

Big Tex gets all dressed up

Dickies, a Fort Worth-based western wear brand, designs clothing for the Texas State Fair’s mascot.  This year’s outfit was chosen by fans on Facebook.

In May, more than 22,000 Facebook users whittled down three shirt designs to one, opting for a red and navy blue Western-style shirt adorned with stars.  Big Tex’s wardrobe changes every three years. Last year, he sported a canary yellow and blue button-down shirt.  Designers strategically chose material that could withstand most of Mother Nature’s wrath, including hurricane-strength winds and, of course, extreme heat.

Big Tex’s shirt is made from nylon awning fabric, and the jeans require 72 yards of denim. A Dickies belt buckle, 75-gallon hat, bandana and cowboy boots complete the Texas giant’s garb….“We have done a lot of vintage shopping at stockyards and Western stores to study what is the traditional style,” said Yu Tan, who designed for teen-oriented Abercrombie & Fitch before joining Big Tex’s team at Dickies.

Even Big Tex wears vintage!

Cowboy FilmmakersEuro Weekly News – Hollywood’s lack of authenticity in western shirt portrayal – shocking!

Cowboy Filmmakers

And another thing; next time you watch a Western, take a good look at the clothes the men are wearing. Nineteenth century, and yet they have ‘collar-attached’ shirts, sometimes even ‘button-down’. In the 1930s, when I was at school, shirts for both men and boys were almost invariably of the separate-collar variety, requiring back and front collar-studs, and certainly did not un-button all the way down the front. It was necessary to draw them over one’s head to get them on or off, but, apparently, not if you were a cowboy.


POW-MIA Holds Motorcycle RodeoLocal News 8, Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming’s #1 News Source – Cowboys ride hogs instead of horses in Pocatello, Idaho at the POW-MIA Awareness Rally.

Cowboy hats and western shirts switched for bandanas and black leather at this weekend’s motorcycle rodeo.

I was trolling the POW-MIA Rally’s fb page for photos of motorcycle dudes in cowboy shirts having some good clean fun, but all I came across were some very moving images of people supporting a tremendously important cause.  Thanks, POW-MIA, for remembering our vets.

POW-MIA Motorcycle Rodeo in Pocatella, Idaho




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