As seen at Holy Name Thrift Store on 96th Street

July 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Holy Name of Jesus should be renamed Holy Name of Awesome Vintage Polyester.  Not a great name for a church, but certainly much more descriptive.  I found some cool retro dresses that will probably outlast humankind and the planet earth.  Plus some other nice gems, too:

A shockingly-mustard floor-length gown, tank-style with a gold brocade neckline trim and a gold trimmed hem.  Metal zipper, no tag.  Looks hand-sewn.

Baby blue Sears JR Bazaar polyester dress, with a drawstring spaghetti strap neckline and a tiered layer skirt.

This one’s actually been at the store for the last year or two.  I think a good drycleaning and it might make a nice spring/fall jacket!  It’s lined with wool, and behind the cloth toggles are metal snaps.  A red/back silk traditional Chinese quilted jacket with cheongsam collar.


Cream colored lace nightie with robe, an “Eve Stillman Original.”

And check this out.  An Oscar de la Renta Pink Label two-piece skirt suit.  Fuchsia embossed.  Someone should go back and buy that.  I tried to convince a portly West Indian woman shopping for shoes to buy it, but she looked at me like I was a crazy person.  But later on she took a liking to me and starting asking me advice about a rather nice sand-dollar belt she wanted to buy.  “What would I wear it with?” she asked.  Wow, people are actually asking me fashion advice!  I guess if you wander around a store with a camera and point out designer labels to people, you assume a air of knowledge.  Assume away, friends!

I think this one’s my favorite.  That yellow shirt front is sewn in.  Awesome!

And this I think is the perfect librarian-wear.  If you’re a librarian with a time machine to the seventies, and you’re also a practicing Wiccan.

These are the ones I didn’t buy.  I picked up two dresses that look to be about size 10.  One a wool suit-dress contraption and another a black polyester long sleeve gathered neck dealie.  Also found a neat-o silver and brown polyester top with a crazy fringie waistline.  I’m going to sneak a few more items into the drycleaning budget.  Please, Interweb, please please send all your peoples to to buy western shirts.  I need to support my vintage-buying habit.

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