Required Reading

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Credit card in hand, I navigated to Vintage Fashion Guild to join their noble ranks.  But alas!  Denied entry because I have not met this criteria:

  • At least 100 feedbacks received (as a seller) if selling through an auction/fixed price public website; or proof of sales experience in vintage fashion for at least one year.

The age old conundrum: can’t get experience because I have no experience.  Can’t increase my ad budget because I haven’t sold anything.  Argh.  But while perusing their very moving and effective testimonials from sellers who have have been admitted to their inner sanctum, I came across this:

“I spend a small fortune annually on books about vintage, but here, ultimately, is where I do most of my learning. It’s an amazing resource and community, worth far more to me than the $35 I dish out to belong!” Glad Rags & Curios

Well, it looks like Ms. Glad Rags already got her $35 worth already, because look, there’s her name up in lights for all the world to see!  In case you’re curioUs, her shop’s on Ruby Lane.  The lesson I’m going to take away here is not, “Start-Ups Need Not Apply.”  The lesson I’m going to take away is, I’m not the only one spending a small fortune annually on books about vintage!  It’s safe to say I’m addicted to buying bizarre and cheap used books about vintage fashion from Amazon.  To wit (to whit? two wit? tuit?), my latest acquisition, Hillbilly Hollywood: the Origins of Country & Western Style:

This is a book about famous people you’ve never heard of.  They were the big stars in what is now a ghost town.  They were part of a Hollywood that sold tickets to an imaginary west.  They wandered to California from real ranches in Texas and Oklahoma, many of them, and they really did know old cowpoke songs and really could ride horses.  Then they stepped into a myth.

I think I purchased the very last copy known to mankind.  It was, like, $35 a few months ago.  I got it for $13!  And for free, I got listing in International Fashion Bloggers and Bloglovin.  Plus I made some new friends.


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