Cowboys Who Like Cowboys

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s to all the cowboys and rodeo kings who like to look fabulous.  Did you know there’s an International Gay Rodeo Association?  The first gay rodeo took place in 1975, and they’ve been going strong ever since.  With chapters and rodeos all over North America, that’s a lot of gay cowboys.  In addition to “Promoting, in a positive way, the GBLTQ country western lifestyle,” they support “amateur sportsmanship through participation, competition and recognition.”  Gay rodeos also raise money for local charities and sponsor western dance competitions.  According to Scott Bidstrup, gay rights activist, essayist, and rodeo enthusiast, “gay rodeo is serious rodeo.”  Let’s rodeo!

And really, who looks better in a western shirt than gay cowboys?

Discerning cowboys can, of course, as always, purchase vintage western shirts at

Congratulations to Michael J. Butts, Mr. IGRA 2011.  Nice double sawtooth pockets with diamond snaps.

And check out these sharp-dressed IGRA 2010 Royalty:

(Many thanks to “geographer700” whose Flicker photo I “borrowed.”)

And while we’re on the subject, rodeo isn’t the only outlet for gay men who want to embrace their inner cowboy.  Or who just want to embrace other cowboys.  Gay cowboy dating sites abound, including Gay Cowboy Central and  And vacationing cowboys need look no further than modern-day dude ranches like Circle J and Rainbow Ranch in Texas that cater exclusive to gays and their families.

And finally, congratulations, New York State, for passing the Marriage Equality Act.  As Mayor Mike Bloomberg stated, “New York has become the strongest most dynamic city in the world and I think it’s safe to say that today we are stronger than we were yesterday.”  Happy Pride, everyone!

I leave you with today’s anthem, “Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond Of Each Other).”

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