Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Look what my friend Craig got in the mail the other day:

You can get yours too, at

In other news, I’ve spent most of the day (a) wrasslin’ with the Google store gadget and (b) soliciting strangers to please, please, pretty please mention Vintrowear on their blog.  Oh, and you may have noticed I redecorated.  Vintroducing my new WordPress theme, Wu Wei.  Also spent some time this weekend shopping for the new site of the Vintrowear World Headquarters, aka the future Von Behren residence.  Hint: it’s an outer borough.  I was very pleased to learn, though, through firsthand experience, that there is a Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn.  Even their house Chardonnay was amazing.  I could get used to Brooklyn…

I had planned to start work on Part II on the history of cowboy shirts this weekend, which would focus on the Buffalo Bill era and the rise of rodeos.  I bought a book, and once again in my infinite Scottishness, I tried to pick the cheapest book available on Amazon used books.  That turned out to be the wildly academic Buffalo Bill’s Wild West: Celebrity, Memory, and Popular History, which unfortunately was wildly boring as well, no disrespect to the author whose PhD dissertation this undoubtedly was.  In a fit of pique after coming home tipsy from a library event (also boring) and not getting the excitement I craved from my subway reading, I posted it back to Amazon, and whoosh, someone instantly bought it.  Unfortunately I had to ship it off in the US Mail right as I got to the chapter on Sitting Bull, which actually was pretty interesting.  And now I don’t have anything to refer to when writing my Buffalo Bill article.  That’ll learn me.  Pretty hard to write a Buffalo Bill article without a Buffalo Bill book.  This one didn’t have anything on shirts anyhow.  Next I’m thinking I might buy Wild West Shows by Paul Reddin in the hopes that it’s got a little more on costuming.  Also very excited because I took the plunge this week and bought Hillbilly Hollywood.  Can’t wait.


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