I’d like to thank the Academy…

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am completely bowled over by the love and support of my friends.  Thank you, everyone, for helping me to promote the site, and for your in-general total good-person-ness.  I am rich in friends!

I have so many people to thank, people that have so much talent and knowledge that I could dedicate a post to each and every one of them, and still not do justice at extolling their virtues.  But I will attempt to at the very least list some (but by no means all) of them:

  • Melissa, my fellow small businesswoman and co-member of our two-member Entrepreneurial Women’s Association.  (Any ladies out there?  Shout out if you want to join us!)
  • Furf, whose computer genius defies words
  • Jen, costume designer, who didn’t mind being appointed to my fashion advisory board and even more amazingly, made a baby in her stomach!
  • Gideon, certified in Google-izing, who, well I can’t even describe the confidence he gave me to go out and do this.  Gideon, I owe you a very big meal!
  • Sarah Rose, author of For All the Tea in China, who coined the phrase “cheese shop” as a metaphor for dream job
  • Nancy Laurence of Eye Design, tolerant, great listener, incredible artist
  • Megan Wilson, aka “The Proprietress,” example of What To Do When Starting One’s Own Small Business
  • Every single member of Nada Surf, not to mention all their friends and associates, who treat Dan and I as if we were every bit as rock star as they are even though they have more talent in their little fingers than we could possibly dream of
  • Lauren Weber, author of In Cheap We Trust, who shares my love of rummaging through bins of old clothing
  • Adam and Anna.  Natch.  You two are my family.
  • My cousin Lovecat Lovell, owner and operator of Cat Chloe Designs, for being an inspiration
  • My parents, sister, and aunt, for providing life-long examples that running your own small business is totally accomplishable.  (Susan, me thinks you don’t have a website.)
  • All my friends who value their internet anonymity so I won’t out them here but you know who you are.
  • My husband Dan.  My life, my love.  I don’t think I can possibly put into words how I absolutely could not have accomplished any of this, nor really could function in the world at large, without the greatest husband on the planet.  I love you, Dan!

Sale update: I made my first sale!  I must admit, I was so surprised that I’m actually in the process of double-checking with the buyer to make sure he wasn’t just, you know, testing out the system.  In the words of one of my helpful technical advisers, “let the sales come galloping in!”  In the words of my husband, “let’s see if we can recoup some of these start-up costs.”  Tomorrow the world.

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