Cowboy Junkies = great! My photography skills in a dark room with no flash = not so great

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

We saw Cowboy Junkies at City Winery last night.  Margo Timmins sure does have some pipes.  I vaguely remember Cowboy Junkies from the 80’s on KROQ, but I never realized what a great vocalist she is.  Move over, Christina, I’ve got a new favorite singer!  Margo probably knows all the words to O Canada, too.  (Poor Christina, I do love her and her amazing voice.  In the 3rd grade we had to memorize all 3 verses of Star Spangled Banner, although I think I would be hard pressed to do it in front of an audience of millions.  Plus, I can’t sing.  And I’ve now forgotten the 2nd and 3rd verses.)

My photography of Margo did not fare as well as her powerful voice.  I didn’t want to use the flash, so I tried fooling around with the ISO and the color settings, to very poor results.  I think once I threw the zoom in there as well, I pretty much got nothing:

Dan fared much better using the auto setting.  Go figure!

Beforehand we had dinner at Acquagrill.  I really do think, next to Blue Ribbon Bakery, Acquagrill might be one of my favorite restaurants in NYC.  The oysters were amazing.  My favorite was I think called Blackberry Point.  Although looking at their voluminous oyster list online, I don’t see that one, so maybe I’m making that name up because it sounds so darn cute.  Service was fantastic, food was divine.  Wine was delicious.  I had this one:

Flora Springs Winery 2008, Napa Valley, California

One review of it I read on the internets said,

Medium bodied and immediately unique on the palate with an almost sweet rich, juicy structure showing lemon curd and nectarine flavors. Barrel toast notes emerge on the mid-palate and lead to a creamy, smooth but short finish that still reminisces of the bananas we came across on the nose.

I dunno about all that, but it tasted yummy to me.  I liked it better than the California Chardonnay I had at City Winery, but that one was nice too.  Can’t find the name of it now on their 80-page pdf wine list.  Two glasses of wine and I was toasted.  But what a lovely date night with the husband.


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