Von Behren, Henry – Tombstone

January 1, 2011 § 5 Comments

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  • Patrick L. Von Behren says:

    Henry and Ella were my grandparents. Can someone tell where the photo originals are and if there are more photos?


  • Hello, Patrick. I think you and I may have corresponded recently. Unless there is more than one Patrick Von Behren. I took the tombstone photo on a trip to Iowa to visit relatives a few years back. I have many more photos from the same cemetery, if you’re interested. The wedding photo was from an album found in the barn of a good Samaritan Iowan, who tracked me down through the Internet. He was kind enough to send me the scans. I do not have the originals. The album contained a number of Von Behren wedding photos, along with photos of others that as far as I know were not related to the Von Behrens. He only sent me the Von Behren photos. I have since not been able to reach him, so I have no way of knowing what he did with the originals. These are the only photos I have of Henry and Ella.

  • Patrick L. Von Behren says:

    Thank you Megan. Thank you for the prompt reply. I really appreciate your posting of the photos. Yes, I am the same Patrick. I posted again in the hope that you might have the name of the album owner. Most of the Von Behrens in Iowa live in the Cedar and Johnson Counties, I think, so the “Good Samaritan” might be from one of those areas.


    • I did contact the person who donated the photo album, but he did not respond. If you’d like, I could maybe write a blog post about Henry and Ella, and ask that anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of photos could get in touch? My blog traffic isn’t all that high, so I’m not sure if it would reach very many people, but it might help.

  • Patrick L. Von Behren says:

    Thank you. Yes, if you would write a blog post about Henry and Ella, that might help. Thank you for your kind response.


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