July 29, 2010 § 3 Comments

Has anyone seen this?


You mail in wrappers from products, which get recycled into a different non-junk-food product, like a school backpack or something, and then they donate money to your favorite charity.  Cool!  I want to participate but I don’t use many of those products.  I do use Ziplock bags (only when I have to!) but you have to be a school to collect those.  I contacted DAR’s Crossnore School to see if they participate, because they’re big into the Campbell’s Soup labels thing.  Maybe they’ll want my Ziplocks too!  I also asked my firm if I could do a used PaperMate/Sharpie pen drive.  They’ll probably say no, because I think they think I’m a troublemaker (who me?) but it’s worth a shot.


§ 3 Responses to TerraCycle

  • Update: The Lays potato chip bag and Papermate pen recycling brigades are closed! Darn them!

  • Sarah Jane says:

    Are you the one who set up the battery recycling box near the cafeteria here at work? If so, good on you!

    Someone on my floor at work has been giving me their extra plastic bags, since they always get new and throw them away when done (for shame). What to do with these? My old accepter of these is gone.

  • Sarah Jane says:

    I use pencils wherever possible instead of pens. I have a little stubby pencil at my desk that is awfully cute. I call him stubby.

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