Struggling with Cloud Hands

July 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m taking this year-long class from Long River Tai Chi to learn the form.  I started in January, so we’re a little more than half way through.  My favorite part about it, except for the healing properties it seems to have on my beleaguered spine, are the names.  Single Whip.  Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy.  Repulse Monkey.  Cloud Hands.  We’re to just past Cloud Hands.  We’re to somewhere between Cloud Hands and Something About a Snake (it’s not called that, but I can’t remember what it’s called.)  I’m completely lost.  I missed a class that was the same day as my wedding anniversary, and I haven’t quite caught up yet.  There’s a shift the weight, step, shift shift, rotate.  I think.  But I can’t figure out how to get into it from the Flying Thing (can’t remember what that one’s called either – at first I couldn’t hear what the instructor was saying – I thought he was talking about flies – but now I just plain can’t remember.)  And then after that, I can’t figure out how to get out of Cloud Hands into the Snake Thing.  I didn’t really get any practice in last week either since there were various 4th of July activities going on.  I also haven’t run all week due to the disgustingly hot temperatures.  My boss convinced me to sign up for this 4 mile race in Central Park next week, and all I’ve done for the last 5 days is sit on my ass.  I was going to try to either ride my bike or go to a yoga class at Stacey’s new Yogamaya, but I forgot we’re going to see Jake Johannson tonight (a very funny comedian, from Iowa, although currently residing in LA.)  So I will probably just continue sitting on my ass at the very least until tomorrow.  This thing is not letting me add tags.  So, no tags for you.


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