I Heart NYC Tap Water!

July 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Thanks, New York!  This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day.  Stop buying bottled water and drink New York City tap instead!  You can buy this decanter and other non-disposable-plastic items.  Why in the world would you continue purchasing water in a so-called disposable plastic bottle, I ask you?

Dan and I were getting water delivered in giant really heavy glass bottles from Mountain Valley Spring Water.  But we were never that thrilled about the taste, plus it’s expensive, and then the other day when workers were working on our elevator, MVSW left our delivery in the lobby (we’re on the 7th floor) , and refused to make a trip back to pick up our empties once the elevator was back in order.  That was the last straw for Dan, who refuses to be plagued by water delivery people.  (Those Poland Spring jerkoffs got the boot a few years back for even worse shenanigans.)  So now we’re contemplating the Britta.  Britta-People, any thoughts?  Like, dislike?  I’ve always liked the taste of NYC tap, but I had read an article a few years ago about the water tunnels #1 and #2, and how they’re digging #3 now because 1 and 2 are so old.  I got worried that 1 and 2 might be letting impurities into my water.  I suppose this is stupid because, like, I let them spray pesticide in my apartment to protect me from cockroaches.  Why worry about one and not the other?  I’m sure all the toxins in the world are responsibile for my infertility.  Drinking bottled water for the last 10 years hasn’t really helped in that area, now has it?  But I’m back on board with tap water, and I should also be putting my money where my mouth is.  Or, not put my money where my water dispenser is.  Or something like that.


§ One Response to I Heart NYC Tap Water!

  • Sarah Jane says:

    A few years ago i bought an expensive (~$235) reverse-osmosis water filter after years of thinking of doing so – it was when the water turned brown that I finally did it… already on my mind were the chemicals that had been added to the water to “clean” it before it got to me. The water from the filter tasted very nice, and I was so pleased. It fit under the sink, and had three or four filters with small white plastic hoses going each to each to ostensibly progressively filter the tap water. It attached to the tap and upon pulling a little button on the tap, filtered water would trickle out of the end of the hose. When the trickle became drop-drop-drop I decided to replace one or more of the filters. I did, but it didn’t improve the flow. Hmm. i broke off the cottony end of a q-tip and stuck the cardboard stick in the hose, and it came out with black gunk on it — out of the end that should have been crystal clean after having gone through all those filters. I disconnected the thing from the tap while I mulled my next move. What was that build-up? Mold? I didn’t know but I knew it couldn’t be good. Then there were some news articles about the harm of eating/drinking stuff that had been in plastic containers, which gave me pause about pressure-forcing water through plastic filters and hose to make it “clean” enough for me to drink. For a year after that I just drank tap, though it tasted and smelled bad to me… but i couldn’t bring myself to spend hundreds more on a filter system that was only going to last three years and that I now suspected wasn’t all that great anyway.

    But the smell/taste of the tap water continued to bother me, particularly that of bleach, though it came and went. But one day it was just too strong, and I went right out and bought a brita pitcher and a package of three extra filters — an unusually abrupt move for me, since I hate plastic and don’t want to spend dough where I don’t have to. But the brita water does taste good. Still with the plastic problem and the throw away problem. I was thinking I wanted a well, but that’s not going to happen here or even in the country necessarily, thanks to fracking. Most vexing.

    If you like the taste of tap, would you be getting a filter for health? maybe there is no good answer to this problem?

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