New Square

May 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

S.  New squareS.  I made 2 squares in 1 weekend.  One on the train on the way to Jackson Heights to see my friend Lauren Weber read from her book, In Cheap We Trust.  Really interesting.  It’s a history of cheap in America, with some great chapters on women’s household skills such as, wait for it, churning!  Not sure why I’m so interested in churning.  I don’t want to churn anything myself.  I guess just because the product is butter, my favorite food.  Lauren said I could knit during her reading, so I finished this:

Made out of some purple from the aforementioned Judy, and also some remnants of some super-sticky lanolin-y homespun and died wool from Judy, which is awesome.

Lauren got a pretty good turnout at the Jackson Heights public library:

She even had her very own whacko-fan, who was an expert on Eisenhower.  Which indicates her widespread fame among all walks of life.  Lauren’s a real pro, and she sounded super-smart.  I was impressed with her poise and ability to speak extemporaneously in well-thought out paragraphs.

And I got to see a section of NYC I’ve never seen before:

When I got home I got started on this little four-square dealio.  More of the never ending skein of purple, plus some leftover chenille type stuff that was from one of my very early knitting projects, a hat that I made for my baby cousin J.  J tried to eat it!  Here’s the square.  My new camera is so good it shows all my flaws!

Here’s the whole schmiggigy thus far.  11 squares done, only about 109 or so to go!

It’s pulling together quite nicely, if I do say so myself.  With Big L looking on…

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