Hello, Birkenstocks!

May 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am reminded of my friend and career inspiration, Alison Fraser, who passed away 10 years ago next month.  When I was a poor little Marketing Assistant for a nasty, carping little book publisher, it was Alison who inspired me to become a librarian.  She was glamorous, sexy, smart, and was the very thing that I had always wanted to be when I grew up: a Lipstick Librarian!  Not one of those birkenstock-and-landsend-wearing public librarians who stand at reference desks and shush people, but a genuine corporate librarian who wore snappy suits and sat in a cubicle with a real live office chair on wheels.  Oh, she was so cool.  I remember, too, before she got sick, one night the group was eating at Noho Star before seeing a show.  Something tells me it was AY?  Can’t remember now.  Alison had escaped the layoffs at her company that had also slashed their print collection.  As our group squished into the pushed-together tables at the back of the restaurant, we all kept scooting down, down a chair.  When Alison, on the end, ran out of chairs, she joked something to the effect of, “Who me?  I don’t need a chair!  I’ll sit on the floor!  I’ll sit anywhere, can you tell I’ve been downsized?”  That was actually the first time I ever heard anyone use the word downsized in application to themselves.  I had no idea then what downsizing could do to one’s ego.  Let me just say this, today, they came for my copy machine.  So I say to them, you can take my books, you can take my library, you can take my copy machine.  Hell, you can even take my chair!  Just don’t take my job.  That’s me, the Downsized Librarian.  Alison had that right too!  Wish I had listened to her.  Hello, birkenstocks?  Maybe those public librarians are on to something!

Today I saw this on the libjobs list-serve.  I hear Wisconsin’s lovely!

Today we are posting a new position of Library Director for our new
library that will be opening in June of 2011.  Please see below for the
complete job post:

Library Director
City of Fitchburg (WI) Public Library

Fitchburg, Wisconsin, is a suburban community of 25,000 residents
adjacent to Madison.  The Fitchburg Public Library (FPL) Board of
Trustees seeks a dynamic, innovative, and collaborative leader to
develop and manage the city’s first public library.  The new library
is scheduled to open June 2011.

The director will work with the city during the construction and
furnishing of the new 38,000 square foot, $14 million building; hire and
train a staff of 18.5 FTE; develop service policies and procedures; and
build an opening day collection of over 60,000 items.  Ongoing
administrative duties include working with a seven-member library board;
preparing and managing the budget; managing the new facility; and
representing the library to the public and governmental agencies.

Applicants must have an ALA-accredited MLS with at least six years
progressively responsible experience in a library and a minimum of three
years post-MLS experience in administration and supervision in a public

The Library Director is an exempt, non-represented position with a
hiring salary of $64,090 – $69,917 per year, depending on
qualifications.  The 2010 salary range, based on a combination of years
of service and merit, is $64,090 – $89,581.  Salary increases occur
according to the non-represented compensation plan, usually on an annual
basis, with budgetary approval.  Current budgetary projections indicate
a salary increase of three (3) percent in January of 2011, bringing the
hiring salary to near or above $70,000.  Besides a competitive salary,
people choosing the City of Fitchburg will find a comprehensive benefit
package, including State of Wisconsin health Insurance, employer funded
retirement plan, life and disability insurance.  Dental insurance,
flexible spending plan, deferred compensation programs and an on-site
fitness center are also available.

Application materials, including a complete job description, are
available online at http://www.city.fitchburg.wi.us, or at Fitchburg City Hall,
5520 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711.  Completed applications must be
RECEIVED at City Hall by 4:30 p.m., Friday, June 18, 2010 in order to be
considered.  Applications received via fax or email will not be

Equal Opportunity Employer

Sarah Olson
HR Assistant
City of Fitchburg
5520 Lacy Rd.
Fitchburg, WI 53711-5318

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